Accentuating the Positive: The importance of Positive Attitudes About Senior Care Solutions

The New Year is here and that means your resolutions can’t be far behind. So what should the resolutions of the 65+ crowd look like in 2013? It all depends on how you view aging. This article will take a fresh look at the power of our perceptions and how they affect senior care solutions. It all begins with:

A Short Walk Down Memory Lane

Remember, when you were little and you liked to make funny faces in the mirror? What was it your parents used to tell you?  If you held your face in that grimace too long it would get stuck like that. Does this old wives-tale ring any bells? While it’s highly unlikely your face can ever contort itself into a permanent state of unfortunate expression, it turns out your mind can do just that, metaphorically speaking.

The human mind is an amazing synapse-filled ball of grey matter. The preconceived notions we have about aging can be traced back to our childhood. And those preconceived notions affect the senior care solutions we choose later in life. Don’t believe it? Let's examine the evidence.

And the Survey Says…

According to a recent study from The Journal of the American Medical Association, how we age is determined by our subconscious view of the process. Our subconscious view of aging is gleaned from stereotypes, either positive or negative.

Culturally, the word stereotype has a negative connotation. The truth is that while negative stereotypes get more press than positive ones, stereotypes are actually based on your perception. Perceptions can be good or bad. Rather than get hung up on the word stereotype, let’s look at the results of those perceptions as they relate to senior care solutions.

What are some negative assumptions about growing old? Many people believe that when they hit retirement age, the years that follow will be far from golden.

They view aging as a means of becoming:

  • Useless
  • Devalued
  • Helpless

Consequently, research results reflect that negative perceptions lead to:

  • Resistance to preventative medical care
  • A greater degree of memory loss
  • Poor functionality
  • Early death

Contrarily, people that view aging as a time of wisdom, self-realization, and satisfaction sustain a higher level of functionality and are 44% more likely to fully recover from illness.

The statistics show that when considering senior care solutions, the simplest place to start is with an attitude adjustment. If positive thinking and age don’t seem to go together naturally, get help changing your perception.

Programs like Seniors Helping Seniors may do the trick. The program serves South Central Connecticut and is committed to changing the picture of in-home care in the state. They will pair you up with caregivers from your peer group based on your specifications. The goal is to insure you age gracefully; cared for and supported by people who know what it’s like.

Your attitude counts so make a New Year’s resolution that matters. Get the help you need to age positively.

Home care agencies in CT, like Seniors Helping Seniors, allow seniors to thrive