Connecticut Home Care: Transforming Resistance into Acceptance

Fear is a common response to change; that’s one thing that doesn’t get better with age. You put off your to-do lists and avoid changes that you would have taken in stride when you were younger. Choices like:

  • Transferring or adding healthcare providers
  • How to handle financial fluctuations
  • When to stop driving
  • When to ask for help with daily chores

It’s not uncommon for seniors to avoid or resist making these decisions. That’s why a person’s circle of support tends to shrink with age. Eventually, there are a limited number of people you trust to take care of you.

The problem is relying on a trusted few actually creates an imbalance of care. This imbalance leads to caregiver burnout and puts strain on personal relationships. Have you ever asked yourself why that imbalance happens in the first place? The key to restoring balance is to look at where the initial shift happened - the shift that started this domino effect of resistance to care.

Starting a Connecticut Home Care Revolution: Transforming Resistance into Acceptance with One-on-One Care

Resistance to care really comes from a loss of independence. Suddenly, you not only need help with some chores and errands, but also scheduling and remembering appointments. At some point, you have to face changes to your health and confront losing the ability to drive. It can start to feel like nothing in your life actually belongs to you anymore.

The internal struggle between resistance and acceptance can lead to an over-correction.

The over-correction usually manifests in one of two ways:

  1. You resist anything that disturbs your routine.
  2. You make one final change and move into assisted living.

The motivation for both of these responses is understandable. On the one hand, you want to keep the semblance of independence that you have left. On the other, you don’t want to burden anyone, so you take care out of the equation and try to establish a new routine. Difficulty unfolds because although you understand the motives for your decisions, those decisions don’t always lead to ideal outcomes. That’s why Seniors Helping Seniors is committed to changing the face of Connecticut home care, and they take that transformation literally.

The Value of a Familiar Helping Hand

The thing about change is it's easier to accept when you know you’re not alone. Seniors Helping Seniors provides more than just the daily necessities; they provide a unique approach to Connecticut home care. The program offers the elderly a chance to connect with each other and support one another through the transitions that come with age. This approach reduces:

  • Caregiver burnout
  • Resistance to care
  • Social and personal isolation
  • Unnecessary moves into assisted living

That’s right; whether you need help or you want to help others, you can meet your match and start embracing life’s changes without leaving your home. Call 203-488-9200 today to find out more about this and other Connecticut home care options. Representatives are available to help.

Compassionate Senior Citizen Care