Cultivating a Social Structure to Build a Quality Senior Care Network

Social interaction is an important aspect of life, from youth to old age.  In fact, the isolation many feel as they grow older can take a toll on the physical, mental and emotional health of senior citizens.  It has been considered a major risk factor for morbidity and mortality in older adults.

Seniors Helping Seniors provides home care services and more to older members of the community.  Assisting each other in building a strong senior care network is one way to cultivate a social structure that can enrich each other’s lives.  Many studies have been conducted to try to prevent this loneliness, but the best ways have always been to seek out companionship and form friendships.

Social Activities for Senior Partners

Here are a few ways you and your fellow seniors can begin to spend more time in the company of others.

  • Surf the Internet.  In the digital age of today, this activity isn’t as strange as it once may have seemed.  Many online sites and chat rooms are dedicated to helping seniors cultivate relationships through the web.  Playing games, chatting, or even enrolling in classes are a few of the ways to meet and interact with people.  If you have friends or family living far away, establishing an email correspondence is another great way to build community.
  • Arrange gatherings.  Invite small groups of people in the senior community to visit inside your home.  Play board games or musical instruments together, or just share conversation and dessert.  Having an event or two like this a week provides something to look forward to and can result in an even greater sense of belonging.
  • Adopt a pet.  The companionship of a cat or dog gives you something to love, something for which to be responsible.  This instant companionship reduces loneliness and helps you feel needed.  Not only that, some studies show that owning a pet can actually lower blood pressure and have other calming effects on an owner.
  • Consider love again.  There’s no such thing as too old for love, and having a special someone would make anyone feel happier and have a greater sense of well-being.  Being part of a loving, healthy relationship will lift your mood and take away loneliness.
  • Form a social circle.  All these things and more will arise naturally from growing and developing a group of people with whom you can relate and participate in activities alongside.  Make friends who are interested in volunteering with you at a local organization, taking a class or beginning a book club.  

These social opportunities do more than enrich lives, they also save them.  Seniors who help each other build a thriving senior care network can truly understand how much it means to be part of a community again.  Supporting and nurturing one another is vital to ensuring a healthy and happy life in your later years, just as it should be.

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