Finding the Wonderland in the Winter with a Thriving Senior Care Network

It’s not just seniors who are at risk for the blues when it comes to the limitations of the long, cold winter months.  For those already feeling stuck at home far too often, the forced hibernation can feel even more daunting.

You and your senior partner have the chance to pull each other from the doldrums and focus on remaining active and engaged throughout the freezing season.  Explore the possibilities by undertaking ventures like:

  • Host nighttime events.  Invite other seniors, or even younger folks too, to your home for a game night or musical night.  Play old favorite songs or hold classic game tournaments.  Give everyone else a chance to have some fun while enjoying yourself as well.
  • Join a book club.  The best part about a book club is that it provides both the chance to be social and something to occupy your time when you are housebound.  Meet new friends and visit with old while reading something new.
  • Go shopping.  It’s a great chance for a walk and to people watch while you do.  Look for that upcoming birthday gift or just a little something for yourself.
  • Learn a new skill.   Perhaps explore a computer-related task or a musical instrument you’ve always been interested in.  Broaden your experience and remember what it’s like to be a beginner.
  • Teach a new skill.  Remind yourself of your own talents and share that knowledge with a fellow senior.  Crafting or playing an instrument will give you both a great deal of fun.
  • Use an exercise DVD.  A great way to workout regardless of the weather, you can pick the trainer style and exercise type you prefer to get your heart beat up and get warm.
  • Attend a dance class.  Anything from ballroom dancing to Zumba, it is a chance to meet new people and stay active.  Dry and warm, you can get up and move your feet to just the right rhythm.
  • Go swimming.  Nothing takes the chill from winter quite like pretending it’s summer.  Find a heated indoor pool where you can warm up and get some exercise.
  • Find a home hobby.  Don’t feel trapped on the days when you are at home.  Take up a hobby that interests you and is time-consuming to fill the long hours of the short days.  Knitting or crocheting is a classic, cold weather activity.  Experiment with other crafting styles or start a jigsaw puzzle to engross you while indoors.  

With a successful senior care network, there’s no need to feel exiled from society, regardless of the drifts and winds.  Keep busy, be warm, and stay active this winter with all of your favorite activities and many of your favorite people.

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