Happiness is the Senior Care Solution to a Freer, More Mobile Life

It’s no secret that a happier life is also a much healthier life.  As recent studies by the Canadian Medical Association reveal, happier seniors actually maintain better mobility as they age than peers who have less joy and engagement in their lives.

Seniors Helping Seniors to a Happy, Active Lifestyle

Previous reports have shown that positive well-being and enjoyment of life are predictors of a longer life.  A clear senior care solution is to provide ways for seniors to continue to be happy, allowing more freedom of movement and a greater quality of life well into old age.

Together, senior partners can engage in:

  • Physical activity.  Continuing to move helps the muscles stay sharp and keeps bodies healthy.  Take long walks in beautiful parks nearby, attend a yoga or Pilates class, or take up swimming to add some healthful, physical activity to your routine.
  • Laughing.  Not only is it the best medicine, laughter is a great way to share an experience, to demonstrate a shared zest for life.  Stay in to watch a comedy, find an improv show to attend, or invite a fellow senior who considers himself a comedian to spend a day with you both.
  • Peer interaction.  Age is often a very lonely time of life, contributing to feelings of depression and sadness.  Seek out opportunities to interact with peers on a regular basis to feel a sense of community and enjoy some social time.   
  • Engaging activities.  What did you always long to do or learn, but never found the time?  Senior partners have a perfect chance to spend time doing activities they were never able to pursue before.  Perhaps knitting or quilting has always held a fascination.  Maybe painting or drawing has been a long envied talent.   You both now have a built-in accomplice for any activity you should wish to pursue.  The best part: it’s healthy for all involved, as hands-on occupations help with coordination.
  • Mental entertainment.  There’s no reason to neglect the mind when looking for an overall healthy and happy approach to life.  If you and your compatriot have always enjoyed thinking through problems, or activities that engaged the brain, don’t stop now.  This can be as simple as completing a daily crossword or playing a few games of chess.  You can search out interesting lectures to go and hear or even take up a class.

While no studies can conclude direct causation between being happy and healthy, results show a definite relationship between physical health, life and satisfaction.  What additional proof is needed for an excuse to seek after more life fulfillment and a deeper enjoyment of life?  With Seniors Helping Seniors, you can both benefit from a comrade and the shared goal of happiness.

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