Peer Companionship & Home Care: The Secret to Surviving & Thriving as You Age

There are several pressing health concerns in the later stages of life. It may surprise some of you, but one of the most prevalent of these concerns is the suicide rate found among senior citizens.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the factors that contribute to this problem include:

  • Psychological and physical illness
  • Functional decline
  • Loss of social connectedness

In an effort to strategically intervene, some home care companies are promoting a new approach to elder care. It's called peer companionship.

Different versions of these programs are being put in place across the country. This care approach has started to appear in local home care companies in CT. This article will examine how this care model is changing the lives of seniors.

Living through a Different Set of Eyes

Peer companionship focuses on a one-to-one relationship between two seniors. One senior is in need of care, the other senior provides that care. The thought process behind this care model is that it will add a different dimension of respect, accountability, and compatibility to the daily lives of the individuals involved.

Home care companies in CT know that true care for someone in need is made up of more than simply meeting their functional and physical needs. There needs to be a social and emotional connection as well. By supporting programs that practice a full circumference of care, home care agencies in CT are seeing that seniors not only survive the transition of aging, they thrive during the transition.

For a lot of elderly family members, peer companionship is the next best thing to the care from a loved one. It's not uncommon for this care to be brought to the table because of family constraints, sometimes due to a deceased spouse.

When seniors care for each other, that relationship can replace a void that is brought on by loss and isolation. That surrogate relationship is the best preventative measure against a decline in quality of life.

Taking that Extra Step

The care that makes the biggest difference is the care that goes beyond relationship. It's the care that becomes a friendship.

Peer companionship raises the level of trust between two people. It's not about one person telling the other what to do or how to live their life. It's about making a true connection with someone outside of your family and medically trained care staff. What home care companies in CT hope to see are connections that branch out into community and societal change when it involves elder care.

These changes can alter perspectives about what it's like to grow older. Participants have positive, life-affirming influences around them on a daily basis. Seeing the impact they have on one another adds productivity and purpose to everyday life.

Home care companies in CT have more information on how you can get involved or take advantage of peer companionship programs in the state. Contact us at Seniors Helping Seniors (your local Branford, CT branch) to start your journey today.

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