Senior Care Consultants Make Thanksgiving Extra Special

The fast approaching holidays always bring with them a time of classic Thanksgiving traditions and tasks.  Why embark on any of these alone when you could have a companion and ally in your season’s adventures? Seniors Helping Seniors can connect you to other compassionate and caring seniors for your holiday traditions.

Thanksgiving Activities


If you are looking for something unique to do with your fellow seniors this November, there is no better season than now for some Thanksgiving related activities!

  • Prepare a side dish to be shared at an annual family dinner
  • Pick up a pumpkin pie to deliver to a friend
  • Take a walk to enjoy the colors of fall
  • Make decorative lists of things to be thankful for
  • Craft centerpieces for the holiday table
  • Write a Thanksgiving prayer to be read at dinner
  • Spend an hour talking with guests at a soup kitchen
  • Visit an autumn craft fair for decorations or ideas
  • Sample the harvest at an apple ranch or pumpkin patch
  • Find a local Thanksgiving parade or get cozy to watch one on television
  • Bring grandkids or nephew and nieces to the park together
  • Bake cookies for holiday gifts

Whether the two of you have family nearby or not, there’s no limit to who you can enjoy festivities with.  Include each other in your longstanding Thanksgiving traditions and even create a few new ones this year.

Supporting Each Other


While our aim is to bring quality care to the many older members of Connecticut communities, our efforts to match individuals actually result in something much deeper than that.  These pairings provide help for those who need it, but our service also brings senior care consultants to a place where they can feel truly needed and wanted.  The helper and the helped both benefit from shared experiences and companionship.


Seniors Helping Seniors in Branford, CT is truly a circle of support for older people in varying stages of life to spend time together, doing things they have always enjoyed or trying out new experiences.

If you are in need of physical assistance for holiday related activities or just day to day living, our senior care consultants are skilled at pairing compassionate and caring seniors with those who need.  Looking for a way to get involved and are interested in spending time with someone who needs a little extra assistance?  Consider making use of the connections of Seniors Helping Seniors.  With our combined abilities, we have a strong way to build community and make it possible for seniors to remain safe, happy and independent.  Seniors help seniors for one more of the many reasons for thanks this November.
Senior care in Connecticut can change the way seniors view themselves and others