Senior Care Network Gives and Receives Peace of Mind

As with any time in life, not all members of a single generation experience the same events at similar ages.  Senior citizens in particular can find themselves in many different stages of competency at any given age.

While many seniors find themselves in need of physical and emotional support, others remain competent and agile in comparison.  Seniors Helping Seniors in Branford, CT gives the opportunity for these people to become part of a senior care network.  Dedicated to providing loving and compassionate assistance to their fellow seniors, these helpers act as caretakers in the time before the choice to accept a more permanent kind of care.  Providing this kind of transition is significant, giving a senior and their family peace of mind.

Serving as a Senior Caregiver

If lucky enough to have many or all of the capabilities that they have always possessed, seniors have the opportunity to make a huge difference in other seniors’ lives. Through Seniors Helping Seniors, able adults can lend their time and efforts to assist someone who has lost some of their previous capacity to complete day to day tasks, keep company and help them stay safe.

Benefitting as a Caretaker

While it’s true that the provider is doing a great service for a less capable person, the receiver of care is not the only one to benefit.  This relationship is a circle, with caregivers reaping benefits as well.

Caretakers receive a sense of purpose in providing support to other seniors. They are connected with a companion with whom they may share similarities. Able to work as much or as little as desired, helpers can still pursue all other activities they wish.  This is a way to supplement one’s income by making a difference.  No experience is necessary, just a willing and compassionate heart for the people you will be helping.

Holidays and Helping Seniors

The benefit to both care provider and receiver increases during the holidays, as do the demands.  Appearances at family events or extra cleaning for in-home visits are often required, keeping both members busy.

Extra opportunities to get out and about also arise during the holidays.  Parades and craft fairs, lighting decorations and caroling are all some ways seniors can enjoy the festivities with each other.  If staying at home: baking, tree decorating, crafting, present wrapping and watching favorite holiday films are all traditions that care partners can begin or continue together.  Enjoy the cheer in the air.

At the core of this opportunity is a way for both the independent and the dependent person to find common ground and build a relationship.  What starts out as helping out around the house can turn into a meaningful connection: becoming an important figure in a person’s life.

Senior care consultants provide compassionate care to seniors in need