Senior Home Care by a Devoted Senior Care Network

The longer seniors are able to remain in their own homes, the better they will feel about themselves and their lives.  Sometimes, however, family members worry that their aging loved ones will come to harm all on their own.

Seniors Helping Seniors ® partners those who are able to help with those who need help.  The compassion, wisdom and experience of these flourishing seniors allows them to bring joy to fellow seniors.  There are in fact many advantages of choosing in-home care to look out for seniors in need.

  • Quality. Whether rehabilitating or just growing old, remaining in one’s own home can help extend the life of a loved one and can heal the mind along with the body.  In a familiar and comfortable environment, seniors experience less stress and are able to better maintain their health, particularly in the case of someone suffering from dementia.
  • Safety.  At home, there are only personal germs to deal with, while hospitals, rehabilitation centers and senior care homes have greater risks for infections across the many residents.  Seniors remaining at home typically experience illness less often, and with precautions, can prevent falling.
  • Freedom.  While at home, seniors can engage in whatever daily activities they have always enjoyed, and remain in the community with which they are familiar.  They can receive whatever care is needed on a more flexible schedule and be subject to a less restrictive environment.
  • Autonomy.  Seniors who remain in their own home have far more choices available to them regarding the kinds of care that they will need and can be active participants in their own journey, rather than dependent on the schedule of others.
  • Personal.  Individual care means care tailored to the specific needs of one senior – not blanket decisions made for an entire group of seniors.  This one-on-one attention guarantees a more organic approach, where seniors can help make decisions.
  • Comfortable.  When faced with a need to receive help, many seniors would prefer to stay in the familiarity and comfort of their own homes.  This ideal type of quality care can be provided in a personal environment, with more benefits to the recipient of care.

Families who worry about elderly loved ones at home on their own can now have peace of mind knowing Seniors Helping Seniors ® in-home care provides the care they need with the respect and dignity they deserve.    They no longer have to feel burdened by the task of caring for a loved one; time spent together can be more relaxed and enjoyable.

Senior helpers in Branford, Connecticut and beyond dedicate their time to helping older individuals navigate the changes of age…and life.  Although these senior helpers may start out as strangers, they often times develop into lifelong friends of the fellow seniors they serve.

Seniors Helping Seniors in Branford, Connecticut supports a compassionate senior care network