Seniors Helping Seniors: A Transition to Elderly Home Health Care

The increasing difficulty of everyday activities doesn’t always come with the same acceptance or understanding of the inconvenience of aging.  For seniors who are in need of more help than they are accustomed to, it’s important to provide assistance without removing respect.

Seniors Helping Seniors in Branford, Connecticut pairs competent seniors with those who are in need of that extra assistance.  While one is the primary receiver of care, both members have the chance to enter into a partnership where they are helping and supporting each other.

Assistance with Respect

Seniors Helping Seniors provides a way to make members of an older generation live worry free lives.  Seniors in need receive loving and compassionate help, given by people who are in similar places in life, and who can understand what they are going through.  This balanced pairing preserves the dignity of aging seniors while getting them efficient help that they desperately need.

While for many the move to elderly home health care will be the inevitable best choice, it can be a difficult one to come to terms with.  For many, it helps to have a transitional period – accepting part time or full time help from professionals or family members for daily activities.  Senior helpers can be part of this in between period, allowing aging seniors to maintain some of their own independence living competently while still being safe.


Besides the obvious physical challenges of aging, seniors face a less tangible, but just as real, difficulty that comes later in life: loneliness.  Even those with loving families deal with the busy lives of their relatives and conflicting schedules, making it harder to spend the amount of time that they would like with their loved ones.  Limited mobility can also make it difficult to go out and engage with others. Matching seniors with like companions takes away some of the solitude and creates an instant social contact or even friendship.

Holiday Fellowship

End of year holidays are a time when everyone turns to sharing meals and events with loved ones.  Reliving memories and practicing traditions, it is a time to be together.  The personable, in-home care services of Seniors Helping Seniors set up an immediate venue for just this kind of holiday intimacy. Whether the celebrations are a difficult or enjoyable time, seniors have a built-in comrade for many of the associated festivities.

Seniors Helping Seniors in Branford, Connecticut creates a circle of support that can provide assistance without losing respect.  This assistance can come physically, emotionally and mentally, in any way that is needed.  Seniors deserve to be healthy and happy, giving their caretakers peace of mind and never losing the feeling that they are valued.

Senior care consultants provide compassionate care to seniors in need