Stay Clean, Get Organized With Elderly Home Health Care Tips

For seniors that haven’t chosen elderly home health care, cleaning and organizing may not be a priority.  The need for organization and cleaning isn’t limited to seniors, but the more years of living equate to more in your closets and cabinets, and let’s face it, it can be difficult to look objectively at the mountains of stuff that you somehow own.

Enlist the help of fellow senior helpers to tackle that hallway closet or forgotten basement.  Everything is more fun when done together, and another perspective or two can help you assess what is worth keeping and what can be given or thrown away.

The Projects

  • Social cleaning: Half the annoyance of cleaning is the solitude of the chore.  With company, and an extra pair of hands, kitchens and bathrooms will be sparkling in no time
  • Take turns: Share the efficiency as well as the fun and spend a day at each friend’s house helping with cleaning and organizing different areas of the house
  • Story time: There’s no rush, take your time and tell the origin story of that steamer trunk and why that statue is missing its arm.
  • Memory lane: Save any items your family might have an interest in and pass on your legacy one quilt at a time
  • Rest and relax: In between bouts of cleaning and organizing, have something cozy like a cup of tea or bowl of soup while you chat proudly of what you are accomplishing

The Rewards

  • Hold a garage sale: Wave goodbye and see who will be the next to enjoy your trinkets and knickknacks
  • Host a party:  Now that your house is feeling fresh and clear, there’s no better time for a small get together!  Invite friends and family and have your senior helper assist in organizing a fun event
  • Reevaluate the room: With all that extra space, maybe you finally have room for the craft table you’ve always wanted

Never before has being productive been so much fun, and what better way to approach the New Year than feeling unfettered by the past.  Seniors who can encourage each other in organizing and cleaning endeavors will find themselves able to enjoy the process as well as feel accomplished by the end.

Seniors Helping Seniors in Branford, CT has a mission to make a way for people to continue living safely, happily and independently as they get older. By matching seniors with others in similar or complementary stages of life, that goal becomes a reality for many.  Elderly home health care is an important option for many seniors.  Before and even after making such a decision, having someone around for a little extra assistance and even companionship can make all the difference.  Consider supporting, or being supported by, a fellow senior in any cleaning or organizing task for another way to give and receive.

Home care in CT provides loving and caring support for seniors in need