Stress Relief for Seniors and Their Caregivers

Both seniors and those who care for them face stress as a major factor in their daily lives. Caregivers tend to ignore their own needs and seniors are often faced with the various worries that are a part of aging. As a caregiver, you are called on to make tremendous personal sacrifices. The result can be conflicts and strain on your relationships. For people with careers and responsibilities, giving care can present a major (but not insurmountable) obstacle to achieving goals and dreams.

It is important to avoid burnout as this can cause health problems and affect your ability to provide care. If you are a senior, you face a different kind of stress. The reality of getting older is very far from that of the smiling, healthy models in brochures for assisted living homes. Poor health, grief from losing friends, and financial worries all can combine to make the so-called "golden years" unhappy. It does not have to be this way; there are ways to relieve stress for seniors and their caregivers.

How Seniors Can Deal With Stress

  • Getting a Pet
    Yes, they are an additional responsibility for you and your caregiver, but studies have shown that they greatly ease the stress and depression faced by seniors. When you own a pet you find that your attention is focused on taking care of it, making it more difficult to fixate on problems.
  • Working on Puzzles
    These can help to provide a mentally stimulating distraction for seniors who find themselves distracted by certain problems. Crossword and jigsaw puzzles, as well as computer games can help to strengthen cognitive abilities.
  • Socializing
    Having a social life is another way that seniors can relieve stress. The options range from spending time with friends to becoming involved in affairs within your community. These activities help to alleviate loneliness and can provide mental stimulation. Utilizing a home care service in Connecticut can provide you with the time to do this.

How Caregivers Can Deal With Stress

  • Getting Help
    By getting help from other family members or a home care service in Connecticut, a caregiver can help to share some of the responsibilities and get relief. As a caregiver, you must be willing to seek this help.
  • Taking Personal Time
    Reading, hanging out with friends, or giving yourself a treat are good ways to find a distraction from the stress of providing care. A home care service in Connecticut can free up the time in which to do this.
  • Eat Healthy Food
    Avoiding sugar and caffeine can reduce anxiety and also help you to avoid crashing. By eating a healthy diet, you can keep your energy up and maintain your health.

The decisions made when providing care should take into account the stress-levels of both the caregiver and the recipient. By following the suggestions above, it is possible to make life as a senior less difficult while ensuring that effective care is provided. Contact Seniors Helping Seniors, your local home care service in Connecticut, to learn more.

The best senior citizen care comes from peer support and companionship